• K-K-Krazy about Khan (Shah Rukh Khan)

    If Shah Rukh Khan is arguably the King of Bollywood, Kriti could easily be the craziest fan he could ever dream of. K-K-Krazy about Khan tells the tale of Kriti, an urban desi girl, who is enamoured by Shah Rukh Khan. She is so deeply fascinated by his dimpled-lover boy image that worshipping her hero becomes her parallel profession. Her best friends find it too far-fetched when Kriti ends up likening every situation in her life to the twists and turns of a Shah Rukh movie. Follow Kriti along her krazy saga of obsession and her hilarious misadventures that constantly leave her in waters way above her head.

    A k-k-krazy love story, indeed!

     125.00 195.00

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