• Hide and Seek

    Maggie Bradford is on trial for murder – in the celebrity trial of the decade.

    As one of the world’s best-loved singer-songwriters, she seems to have it all.

    So how could she have murdered not just one, but two of her husbands?

    Will Shephard was Maggie’s second husband.

    A magnificent athlete and film star, he was just as famous.

    But Will had dark, dangerous secrets that none of his fans could have imagined… that his own wife could never dreamed of.

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    Hide and Seek

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  • The Rule of Four

    Tom Sullivan is about to graduate from Princeton. He’s intelligent and popular, but haunted by the violent death several years earlier of his father, an academic who devoted his life to studying one of the rarest, most complex and most valuable books in the world. Since its publication in 1499, the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili has baffled scholars who have tried to understand its many mysteries. Coded in seven languages, the text is at once a passionate love story, an intricate mathematical labyrinth, and a tale of arcane brutality. Paul Harris, Tom’s roommate, has deeply personal reasons of his own for wanting to unveil the secrets the book hides. When a long-lost diary surfaces, it seems the two friends have found the key to the labyrinth — but when a fellow researcher is murdered only hours later, they suddenly find themselves in great danger. And what they discover embedded in the text stuns them: a narrative detailing the passion of a Renaissance prince, a hidden crypt, and a secret worth dying to protect …

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    The Rule of Four

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  • Tyrant

    It is Sicily 412 BC: the infinite duel between a man and a superpower begins. The man is Dionysius, who has just made himself Tyrant of Syracuse. The superpower Carthage, mercantile megalopolis and mistress of the seas. Over the next eight years, Dionysius’ brutal military conquests will strike down countless enemies and many friends to make Syracuse the most powerful Greek city west of mainland Greece. He builds the largest army of antiquity and invents horrific war machines to use against the Carthaginians, who he will fight in five wars. But who was Dionysius? Historians have condemned him as one of the most ruthless, egocentric despots. But he was also patron of the arts, a dramatist, poet and tender lover.

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  • The Judas Gate

    Treachery has a price, in the mesmerizing new Sean Dillon thriller from the Sunday Times-bestselling author.

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    The Judas Gate

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  • Dark Side of the Island

    After a harrowing betrayal, a soldier fights for redemption

    The classic Jack Higgins thriller

    In the darkest days of World War II, Captain Hugh Lomax was Greece’s last hope to drive the Nazis from the island of Kyros. His daring mission, and its brilliant success, should have ensured Lomax a hero’s welcome when he returned to Kyros years later. Instead, he discovers that his allies on the island have been executed and the survivors manipulated to believe that he had betrayed them. Lomax is determined to earn back of the trust of the people of Kyros. But first he must uncover the truth behind the murderous conspirators–before they can kill him.

    Dark Side of the Island

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  • Blood Storm

    Tweed and his dynamic team face one of their biggest challenges yet. Not even the most sophisticated security systems nor the most experienced counter-terrorist czars can stand up to a force that threatens the whole of Europe. Tweed rarely experiences fear or doubt, but is almost overwhelmed when he has to make a seemingly impossible decision about one of his own team. Loyalties are tested to the limit in this topical, fast-paced, highly tense new thriller from Colin Forbes.

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    Blood Storm

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  • Youve Been Warned

    Fear is just the beginning…

    Kristin Burns has lived her life by the philosophy, ‘don’t think, just shoot’ – pictures that is. Struggling to make ends meet, she works full time as nanny to the fabulously wealthy Turnbull family, looking after their two children and waiting for her life as a New York fashion photographer to begin.

    But Kristin has a major distraction: forbidden love. The man of her dreams is almost hers for keeps. Kristin ignores all signs of catastrophe brewing, and she can only dismiss the warnings for so long…

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    Youve Been Warned

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  • The Janus Man

    A thriller featuring Tweed of the SIS, as he battles to discover which one of his European sector chiefs is a traitor. Other work by the author includes The Stone Leopard, The Palermo Ambush, The Heights of Zervos and The Greek Key.

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    The Janus Man

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  • River God

    For Tanus, the fair-haired young lion of a warrior, the gods have decreed that he will lead Egypt’s army in a bold attempt to reunite the Kingdom’s shared halves. But Tanus will have to defy the same gods to attain the reward they have forbidden him, an object more prized than battle’s glory: possession of the Lady Lostris, a rare beauty with skin the color of oiled ceder–destined for the adoration of a nation, and the love of one extraordinary man.

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    River God

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  • Spartan Gold

    An ancient treasure stolen by Xerxes the Great . . .

    Discovered by Napoleon Bonaparte . . .

    The clues to its hidden location lost until now . . .

    Adventurers and treasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo are on a wild-goose chase. Up to their waists in the Great Pocomoke Swamp in Maryland, they’re hunting for lost gold. What they find instead is a small Second World War German U-boat.

    Inside the submarine they find a body – and a puzzling, incredibly rare bottle of wine. This bottle was one of twelve taken from Napoleon’s ‘lost cellar’. But it is also a clue to a fabulous, ancient treasure.

    One that Hadeon Bondaruk – a half-Russian, half-Persian millionaire – will do anything to get his hands on. For he claims descent from treasure’s one-time owner.

    It will be his, no matter who stands in his way . . .

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    Spartan Gold

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  • The Lucifer Network


    A deadly secret whispered by a dying gunrunner on a lonely road

    in Zambia sets MI6 agent Sam Packer on a frantic race against

    time. A terrorist gang has acquired a horror weapon but before

    packer can discover more the man dies.

    Packer is on his own, faced with skeptical colleagues and the

    gunrunner’s daughter Julie, who may hold the key to the secret

    but who also suspects it was Packer who engineered her

    father’s death.

    As Packer fights desperately to win Julie’s confidence, the

    unlikely pair follow the trail of murder and deceit from Scotland

    to Vienna and on to a lonely island in the Adriatic: there they will

    find not only the weapon but the identity of the sinister

    organization known as the Lucifer Network.

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    The Lucifer Network

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  • Prisoner of Birth

    International bestseller and master storyteller Jeffrey Archer is at the very top of his game in this story of fate and fortune, redemption and revenge.

    If Danny Cartwright had proposed to Beth Wilson the day before, or the day after, he would not have been arrested and charged with the murder of his best friend. But when the four prosecution witnesses are a barrister, a popular actor, an aristocrat, and the youngest partner in an established firm’s history, who is going to believe his side of the story?

    Danny is sentenced to twenty-two years and sent to Belmarsh prison, the highest-security jail in the land, from where no inmate has ever escaped.

    However, Spencer Craig, Lawrence Davenport, Gerald Payne, and Toby Mortimer all underestimate Danny’s determination to seek revenge, and Beth’s relentless quest to pursue justice, which ends up with all four fighting for their lives.

    Thus begins Jeffrey Archer’s most powerful novel since Kane and Abel, with a cast of characters that will remain with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

    And if that is not enough, prepare for an ending that will shock even the most ardent of Archer’s fans.

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    Prisoner of Birth

     185.00 325.00

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